More Old Exposures / New Prints

Here is another batch of salted-paper prints. These were made over two days last week. More hot sticky weather coming up later in the week ahead. Stay tuned for another batch of prints… hopefully!

The teachers desk was photographed through a window in May 2017. I was attracted to this scene because of the nice directional light coming from two directions… the window in the frame and another window out of frame at camera right. I am always amazed that these photos work out as often as they do.

I remove the lens hood and press the front of the lens tight to the window. This eliminates any reflections and any dirt on the window is so out of focus that it disappears. The only downside to this approach is that one’s options for viewpoint/composition are limited.

The pelican was photographed in March 2017 on one of our post-town meeting trips to Florida. The barred owl was photographed on New Years Day 2017 from the bathroom window of Joan’s cousin Liz’s house! I’ll take them where ever I can get them!!!

The photo of the Art Barn was made during a May 2017 birding trip to Star Island. These trips are mostly, but not exclusively, about birds. I guess that I have a roving eye!

Lastly, “Untitled” is a view of a derelict truck sitting in a field on Route 9 in Stoddard made in January 2017. I drive by this truck regularly on my way to or from Keene and I stop often when schedule and interesting light coincide.

1 thought on “More Old Exposures / New Prints

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    The desk came out fantastically! Well, the others are too bad either but i spent a considerable amount of time checking out the desk Yes, the lighting was just right. Looking forward to more prints in the near future.

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