Purchasing Prints

Photography is my hobby. I am not ‘in this’ to make money and this site is not meant to be a sales outlet. However, I am willing to sell an occasional print. Thus, if you see an image you just need to have, email me (frank_at_frg-photo.com). We will work something out.

Ink jet prints are generally available sizes from 8×10 inches up to 16×20 inches. Alternative process prints are smaller. I tend to print these either 4×5 inches (on 5×7 inch paper) or 6×7.5 inches (on 8×10 inch paper); square images are generally 4.5 inches or 6.5 inches square.

I only sell bare prints (i.e. no matting or framing). I don’t do my own matting and framing. I’m a photographer not a framer. Thus, you will need to take any print I make to your favorite framer for these services. If you are local, I can make recommendations.