Bugs and Lemonade

Two old sayings…

“Sometimes you are the bug and sometimes you are the windshield.”


“When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”.

Both apply to this morning’s photography.

Part One: On Being The Bug.

Looking at the weather forecast last night, I was hopeful that I might make a good photo of Mount Monadnock from Leadmine Road in Nelson.

Since discovering this viewpoint early last winter, I have been visiting regularly to see how the light plays out over the year and to hopefully make “the” photograph… eventually. Today was not that day!

Sunrise this morning was 5:32. I was up and out of the house by 6:15. The skies were mostly cloudy with a high overcast but some lower clouds adding interest to the skies at least in some directions. Not promising, but I headed out anyway. Stopping only to grab a cup of coffee at the newly reopened Fiddleheads in Hancock, I made my way to Nelson. Things were not looking good weather-wise. The overcast thickened as I drove. I did not even get out of the truck. Rather, hoping that the skies would improve as the morning progressed, I headed for Harrisville and got a breakfast sandwich at the general store.

About an hour after I left from my first visit to “the view”, I was back. By this time (roughly 7:45) there was a roofing crew working on the nearby farmhouse and turning a usually serene and peaceful spot into a construction zone. None-the-less, I parked the truck and made the short walk across the field just to see if there was anything worth photographing. There was not! One could barely make out the mountain! I made two exposures just for the record books and headed back to the truck. Did I mention that the mosquitos were ferocious?

Arriving back at the truck, I noticed that I had left the passengers-side window open a crack. The cab was full of mosquitoes… OK, maybe there were only a dozen or so! I decided at this point to head home. It only took me about ten minutes to clear the truck of the mosquitoes as I drove.

Mount Monadnock where are you?

Part Two: The Lemonade

One the way home I stopped at the beach on Norway Pond in Hancock just to see what was about and there, at the empty beach, life handed me some lemonade.

I call this mini-project “Beach Leavings”. All the exposures were made in about ten minutes and I did not have to slap one mosquito the entire time!

I arrived home about 9:15 and the skies were still mostly cloudy. Within the next hour the overcast “burnt off” and nice puffy summer clouds appeared. Maybe I will go look for some dragonflies this afternoon!

1 thought on “Bugs and Lemonade

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Always amazes me to see articles of clothing left behind – what did they wear home??? Interesting array of items. Right after we shut down due to COVID, I was taking my usual walk around town and noticed quite a few items tossed along the way. Sadly, nip bottles led the way!

    I enjoyed your “lemonade!”

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