About Me

My interest in making photographs began when I took a photography class in my sophomore year in high school (i.e. 1970). For many years after high school, I did not do much ‘serious’ photography. Education, family and career took up the majority of my energies. Nearing the end of my career, and with the coming of digital cameras, I rekindled my interest in making photographs. I bought a Nikon D70 dSLR the day they were first available in 2004 and have barged ahead ever since!

In August of 2013, I retired from a career as a chemistry professor. Since that time most of my creative energies have gone into photography. My main photographic interests are wildlife, especially odonta (dragonflies and damselflies), and the landscape. However, I make photographs of many other subjects as I wend my way through life.

This website consists of two sections. A relatively static portfolio and a blog where I post photographs as I make them.

The portfolio galleries (each containing about a dozen photographs) covering the breadth of my practice. This collection not meant to be complete, as I have many, many more images in my files. Nor, do I make claims that these are my ‘best’ photographs; for that is like asking one to designate a favorite child.

If you have any questions about my photography, please do not hesitate to email me at frank_at_frg-photo.com (replace the “_at_” with a “@”).

The photo of me on this page was made by my late friend Dana Lipp.