American Rubyspots

The American Rubyspot is a fairly rare but spectacular damselfly.

Yesterday, I headed to Hollis, NH one of the two sites*, that I am aware of, where rubyspots are present. These damsels are relatively late flying so I often make a pilgrimage in late August to photograph them.

I’ll be headed back to one of these sites next week to visit with my friend (and former colleague; we are both retired now) Kevin.

Kevin is a biologist who taught me much about odonates when I first got interested in photographing them many years ago.

* The Hollis site is on West Hollis Road where it crosses the Nissitssit River; about 500 feet north of the Massachusetts border. Conveniently, there is parking for the Beaver Brook Association‘s Great Meadow trailhead at this spot. The Athol site is on the Millers River in the Alan E. Rich Environmental Park where Main Street crosses the river. The Athol Bird and Nature Club / Millers River Environmental Center is adjacent and offers a spot to park.

1 thought on “American Rubyspots

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Beautifully done. Quite rare, eh? glad you were able to share them with us.

    Keep ’em coming!

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