West Peterborough & Dublin

Last Tuesday, I headed to West Peterborough. I had a lead that there was a nice falls in the creek behind the old mill building there. This is true, but they are impossible to photograph. Very steep banks and private land conspire to prevent one from getting anywhere near water level.

I poked around the neighborhood any way and then headed to Dublin since it is not far. In both cases, I wandered on foot and thus found things to photograph that I have missed on my usual drive throughs.

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3 thoughts on “West Peterborough & Dublin

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Well done! Too bad about those falls – were they the ones we tried to shoot as I remember a very steep hill to water level. That was the day I realized I need to travel with either a tripod or a walking stick.

    I do like the barns1

  2. Peter LEcuyer says:

    I really love the grainy, shallow DOF and slight distortion on these images. Can you elaborate a little on this?

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