Stone Arch Bridges

This morning I played “fixer”* for my friend Joe and took him to photograph the stone arch bridges in the area.

There are five of these dry laid (i.e. no mortar used in construction) bridges in Hillsborough and one on the Stoddard/Antrim town line. All were constructed in the first half of the nineteenth century.

We visited and photographed three of the bridges in Hillsborough and the one on the Stoddard/Antrim line. One of the Hillsborough bridges is submerged in Franklin Peirce lake and another one is unused but kept as a mini-park in a very developed area. Your choice of background for the latter is a McDonald’s or a Ford dealership. Ugh!

I used my camera obscura exclusively this morning. I have photographed these bridges many times and wanted to try something different today.

As you can see from my photos the foliage is still decent. Autumn is really the only time of year I make color photographs of the landscape.

* A “fixer” in photojournalism is a resident of an area who supplies local knowledge and assistance to a photographer and or reporter while doing their job in an area unfamiliar to them.

1 thought on “Stone Arch Bridges

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    I’m glad you defined, “fixer” as my reputation was on the line! Hey, these came out great! Glad I got to meet and see Camera obscura in action! Thanks for keeping an eye out for me as well! Looking forward to processing my collection of NH bridges thanks to my personal fixer!

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