On The Way Home

This afternoon I met my friend Joe for lunch in Henniker. Joe has spent the past couple of days photographing covered bridges in the southwest corner of NH.

As with many of our days in the recent past, this one was mostly cloudy. However, there was some nice texture in the sky and the foliage is still looking pretty good. Thus, I made some photographs on the way home.

Allegedly, Thursday is going to be partly sunny. I may revisit these spots then.

The field/pasture photos were all made along Bear Hill Road in Hillsborough. The lake pictures were made along the road a bit more than half a mile from our house.

1 thought on “On The Way Home

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Who you calling, a friend? I’m glad our luncheon provided an added bonus – spending time with me should have been enough! Thanks for your time and treasures as well as your offer to guide me to and through several stone bridges on Wednesday. Liking these foliage shots especially since I helped😎

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