Contoocook Whitewater, Etc.

This morning I headed out on a few short errands. After the necessities were taken care of I headed over to the Contoocook River along the Falls Road between Hillsborough and Henniker. My intent was to stop at a few favorite spots just to see how the river was flowing.

Silly me… spring flow, weekend… my usual first stop, a kayak launch was packed with vehicles! Adapting quickly, I decided to photograph kayakers! I headed down river looking for places that might work to make some interesting photos.

I ended up at the gauging station and spent about ninety minutes sitting on a cold granite boulder in the shade; every so often a snow-cooled breeze wafted down the sloping bank. The air temperature was right around 40 F.

After the cold had soaked into to my bones, I headed to my favorite pizza joint in Henniker for lunch and then meandered back towards home making a few photographs along the way… of course!

2 thoughts on “Contoocook Whitewater, Etc.

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Ah, here it is! Guess I didn’t scroll down all the way to the end!

  2. Joe Kennedy says:

    Hmmm. . . no place to comment?

    At first I thought that was you in the first frame but then I couldn’t figure out how you could be in two places??

    Really liked the kayakers – worth the cold seating. Your roadside oddities were fun – i always try to shoot these creative attempts when I see them

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