Worldwide Pinhole Photograph Day – 2023

Yesterday (Sunday, 30 April) was Worldwide Pinhole Photograph Day (WPPD). This annual event is meant to stimulate folks to get out with a pinhole camera and make photographs which are then collected on a website for anyone to see.

Yesterday’s weather was cool, breezy and damp (intermittent showers); far from ideal for photography. I headed out late morning with a pinhole fitted to my digital camera despite the weather. I pointed the truck vaguely west as I had to be in Brattleboro by five.

I did make photos in New Hampshire, but the six* I show here are all from Vermont.

I have not yet decided on which one to post to the WPPD website.

* I have a self-imposed rule that I try to keep to a maximum of six photos for any one blog post. I find editing down a collection of photographs is a difficult job but I persist. There is a reason that “photographer” and “photo editor” are different jobs at most magazines and newspapers.

1 thought on “Worldwide Pinhole Photograph Day – 2023

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Most interesting – so, it’s not really a “pinhole camera”. but rather a small opening on your lens??

    I do like what was going on in the river and the schoolhouse.

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