More Odes, Finally

Yesterday (and the day before) were the only sunny days we have had in months. (At least it seems that way!). I spent several hours yesterday afternoon photographing odes over at the Cilley Family Forest and the field/pond on the opposite side of the road. The temperature was in the low 80s F and it was mostly sunny.

The most abundant odes, by far, were Halloween pennants; there were dozens in the field by the pond. There were also slatey skimmers and widow skimmers present both by the pond and in the field down by the river (Powdermill Pond). Interestingly, there were no Halloween pennants down by the river.

Lastly, there were only a few odes along the rail bed near the bridge. The vegetation along the rail bed was cut back in early spring. My guess is that the insects are there, but at the bottom of the steep rail bed rather than the easily accessible areas at the top.

1 thought on “More Odes, Finally

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Your photographic captures of odes belong in a book. They are always well positioned in the frame with great detail and non-obtrusive backgrounds. You even manage to identify a vast majority of them.

    You are the “Odes Master!”

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