First Odes – 2023

Late this afternoon (about five) I finally made some time to photograph the odes in our yard. I spent only about twenty minutes with camera in hand. The temperature was about 70 deg. F and the weather clear.

Roughly two weeks ago, I noticed a few Hudsonian Whitefaces in the yard. These are always first dragonflies to appear each spring. The second species to appear are the Chalk-fronted Corporals.

This afternoon the Chalk-fronted Corporals were most common. I saw probably a dozen or so. I only observed one or two Hudsonian Whitefaces.

1 thought on “First Odes – 2023

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Ah, the REAL Frank Gorga has finally arrived as supported by his posting of Odes! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the members of this insect group.

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