Apples and Pears

Yesterday afternoon the weather turned cool and rainy. I retreated to my studio (i.e. the basement) to make a couple of photographs that have been rattling around in my cranium for several weeks.

This year, we have had a bumper crop of apples and a decent crop of pears from the trees in our yard. I selected a few apples from the bushels on the breezeway and several pears from the stash on our kitchen counter.

The hardest part of making a still life for me is the styling. That is arranging the items to be photographed in an interesting manner. The lighting and the camerawork come naturally. Elegant arrangements do not.

1 thought on “Apples and Pears

  1. Joe Kennedy says:

    Hey they didn’t come too bad – at least you didn’t try to mix them together. Oh, wait that’s apples and oranges!

    You nailed the lighting on the apples!

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